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Search: Anime

This method parses search results from{query}

Response: \Jikan\Model\Search\AnimeSearch

Usage: Legacy

Arguments: string $query, int $page, \Jikan\Request\Search\AnimeSearchRequest $request = NULL

use \Jikan\Helper\Constants;

// Search results for "No Game No Life"
$animeSearchResults = $jikan->AnimeSearch("No Game No Life");

// Search results from page 2
$animeSearchResults = $jikan->AnimeSearch("No Game No Life", 2);

// Advanced Search (Filters)
// Only movies
$animeSearchResults = $jikan->AnimeSearch("No Game No Life", 1,
    (new \Jikan\Request\Search\AnimeSearchRequest())

// Search for anime movies WITHOUT any queries
// that have the genres `Fantasy` and `Adventure`
// that have ratings above 8
$animeSearchResults = $jikan->AnimeSearch(null, 1,
    (new \Jikan\Request\Search\AnimeSearchRequest())
        ->setGenre(Constants::GENRE_FANTASY, Constants::GENRE_ADVENTURE)

Usage: Standard

Argument: \Jikan\Request\Search\AnimeSearchRequest


$animeSearchResults = $jikan->getAnimeSearch(
    (new \Jikan\Request\Search\AnimeSearchRequest("No Game No Life"));