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$jikan = new Jikan\Jikan;

// Fetch topics related to One Piece
// Request:
$topics = $jikan->AnimeForum(
    (new \Jikan\Request\Anime\AnimeForumRequest(21))

foreach($topics as $topic) {
    echo $topic->getTitle() . "\n";
    echo "Replies: " . $topic->getReplies();

    echo "Last post by: " . $topic->lastPost()->getAuthorName();


getTopicId() : int

Description: Topic MyAnimeList ID

getUrl() : string

Description: Topic MyAnimeList URL

getTitle() : string

Description: Topic title

getDatePosted() : DateTimeImmutable

getAuthorName() : string

Description: Name of the topic's author

getAuthorUrl() : string

Description: Author's profile URL

getReplies() : int

Description: Topic replies count

getLastPost() : \Jikan\Model\Forum\ForumPost

Description: Returns 1\Jikan\Model\Forum\ForumPost

getImageUrl() : string

Description: News image URL

getIntro() : string

Description: News intro text